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High Risk Merchant Account Comparison

Are you looking for a merchant account for ...... MLM, telemarketing, timeshare, credit repair, collections, adult/xxx, online pharmacy, gaming, travel, etc.

Typically, it's very hard for high risk and non-US businesses to obtain a merchant account.

A third party processor could be your solution. Below we have studied the various options available to high risk merchants and received pricing and paperwork requirements from various processors. We also took a look at their sponsoring bank and compared the fees, rates, positives and negatives to each processor. Each processor and sponsoring bank is different and depending on if you are a startup or established business with good history, your options will be more robust. We recommend the following in no particular order and compared following credit card processors.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.  Paypal The easy way to get paid
  • Start accepting payments today--no approval or shopping cart required
  • Customers shop on your website and pay you on PayPal, even without a PayPal account
  • No annual commitment required
  • No monthly, startup, or cancellation fees
  • Optional: Accept credit cards via phone, fax, mail, or in person (monthly fees apply)*


EZ Payments - Learn the pitfalls to avoid when setting up a high risk merchant account to accept credit cards that are often flagged or declined for instance industries like adult, credit repair, collection agencies, hemp/cbd, travel merchant account, high volume, loan modification, real estate, financial consulting and more. 

Set up Fee Bankcard Types Reserve Requirements Monthly Fee Rates Approval
None* Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover None* $9.95 2.25%-4.99% 2-3 business days

 Visa Mastercard Processor


PsBill Is a long established player in the high risk processor industry. They work with multiple domestic and offshore banks and can secure multiple mids for your high risk merchant account needs. Depending on the business model and processing history a rolling reserve may be required. They also support ACH payment processing and recurring billing 

Set up Fee Industry Types Reserve Requirements Monthly Fee Rates Approval
None* All Legal None* $14.95 2.00%-3.95% 1-2 business days

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